Sunday, 6 September 2015

Llantwit to Ogmore

This was my last chance to get out in the boat before heading up for our annual trip to Skye next week.  I wanted to get a bit more practice with the sail and if possible roll with it before heading out on my own in the remoteness of the Scottish seas.  There was a brisk breeze today, perfect for the sail, however typically we would be paddling directly into it. 

The trip included myself, Sean, Chris and Martin from Llantwit Major to Ogmore-by-sea.  Eurion and his friend were doing this trip in reverse and were due to return to Southerndown not long after we launched.
Tressilian Bay cave roof starting to bow slightly.
Perfect weather to explore the caves.  Not very often do we do this trip at so high into the tide.
A picture of me by Sean. 
With no swell it was nice to bumble along feet from the cliffs.
Eurion caught up with us just before Nash Point.

I was eager to follow with the wind so took the opportunity to see if this sail could push me into the fast flow around East Nash buoy.
We briefly stopped at Southerndown before continuing on to explore the best the Glamorgan coast has to offer...  

We played a while at Ogmore where I did had some nice runs with the sail and managed my first roll with it.  We were lucky enough to catch a brief glimpse of a merman...Gareth.


Stuart said...

Hi Stuart - your blog is absolutely fantastic. I combines my two obsessions of kayaking and South Wales (especially around Ogmore). Keep posting, I'm really keen to read about your trips and look at the photos... Hopefully I may learn something! Thanks again regards Stuart

Stuart Yendle said...

Hi Stuart, thanks for the comments. As you can see I haven't posted much in ages. A few people have said I should keep it up. I mainly post stuff up on Facebook now. If you on there I have set up a page