Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Tuesday Night Meet

Tavi has managed to organise regular Tuesday night paddles during the summer, usually on the Gower coastline but tonight's paddle was organised on my local stretch Llantwit Major.  Apologies I can't remember the other two members of the group, we only met once and writing this six months later.  
It was a relatively short trip in the last hours of light with a big swell and a brisk on shore wind.  We launched through some breakers and made our way toward St Donnats and pushed on out around Nash Point.  Being the only local paddler I knew we weren't going to get very far, especially in these conditions.  We pushed on for the shipping buoy that marks the edge of the sand bar but it was a loosing battle.  We eventually turned on our tails and retraced our steps back to Llantwit and retired for the night.  Nice to get out on the water and meet new people and not to far for me to travel.

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