Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Some Me Time

This trip was a while back so I'll try to remember what I can, so here goes...

End of May, a busy time of year in the garden, my business.  Everyone wants me at once, the phone doesn't stop ringing, endless unopened emails in my inbox, I've had enough.  Time for some 'me' time to recharge the batteries.  So decide to escape the rat run, turn off the work phone and get away from it all out on Flat Holm.
Sometimes it's just nice to get out on your own and sometimes it's nice to have some unexpected company.  Someone else had the same idea, and this is becoming a bit of a habit.
Hywel was unloading his kayak at the Captains Wife heading out for the same destination.  The conditions were perfect for a relaxing paddle out to the island.  We round the island and land briefly under the farm house on the south beach.  In the sun we bathe in the tranquillity of the island gazing over the mainland just a short distance away.  It's the perfect was to escape from it all and unwind.
We can't stay for long though, the tide is turning and it's time to return and re-join the madness.  We pass the Wolves buoy and negotiate a large container ship making it's way down the channel.
Of all the times I've crossed this shipping lane this is probably one of the closest passes I've made.  
Hywel offers to buy me a pint in the Captain Wife on our return, which reminds me I should return the offer on the next trip.  Back in work in the morning but feeling much more refreshed, just what the doctor ordered.

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