Wednesday, 4 September 2013

On The Home Stretch

Simon was well on his way around Wales and was camped up along the Ogmore river last night.  I had to work all week but as it was my birthday I had a good excuse to take most of the day off.  Simon was aiming for Sully Island to place him in a good position to finish his Wales expedition tomorrow night.
I met him as he passed Aberthaw power station and continue with him to Sully.
Eurion had decided to join Simon from Southerndown also.
Me and Eurion accompanying Simon around Wales most southerly point. 
We paddled at a relaxed pace along the golden Jurassic cliffs in the warmth of the last of the summer sun.

Passing Nells Point off Pleasure Beach Barry.
Looking out across the channel to Steep Holm.
Gliding through glassy waters toward Sully Island.  
The last few miles across Sully Bay seemed to drag on forever but we finally touched down onto the sands as the sun was setting off to the west.
I got to spend my birthday with good company and a few pints at the Captains Wife, the same could not be said about my Welsh cakes.  
Once again Simon was in debt to the generosity of strangers, the pub landlord allowing him a safe place to camp and breakfast in the morning.  We stayed for a couple more pints before leaving Simon to his final night in the tent.  I was due back the next day to join him on the final leg to Cardiff Bay.  To be continued....

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