Sunday, 9 June 2013

Mid Nash Buoy

Mid Nash cardinal buoy roughly 3 miles off shore is one place I have yet to paddle locally.  Whilst there is nothing out here but a lonely bell ringing out inside a yellow cast iron structure, it is something to aim in an otherwise vast empty surrounding.  The trig points of the sea, sometimes with equally spectacular views.
It was a bit of a gathering, Eurion, Jules, Chris and Elan all joined in the late evening paddle.  I have been looking for a new paddle to replace my entry level blades and was really grateful when Elan brought along a few to try out from Up&Unders demo range.  Eurion also brought along a spare set of Lendal's for me to try.  
Elan and Up&Unders brand new demo P&H Cetus
From the buoy the yellow sandstone cliffs in the distance stretch out from Porthcawl to Nash Point.  We rafted up and there was a mass exchange of paddles.  I tried out the Werner Shunas on the outward journey.  Almost identical to my Tybee blades but a heck of a lot lighter.  I then tried out Eurions Lendals and Werner Corryvreckens, both large carbon blades for extra speed and power.
We finished off the evening with a pint on the terrace at the 'Three Golden Cups', a great way to end the weekend.

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