Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Busy Bank Holiday


I hadn't planned on paddling this bank holiday weekend despite the near perfect weather forecast.  I had a long list of things to do before I travel up north next weekend for our annual Skye trip.  On that list was to repair the holes on my boat.  I bought the a tube of gel coat filler which comes in two parts, gel coat and hardener.  
Simply mix the two together and the spread it on.  After an hour the paste hardens and is ready to be sanded smooth...ta da!!  Not perfect but it would look out of place if I had a shiny pristine patch on my boat.


So after a busy day Saturday, Steve mentions he is coming over from West Wales on Sunday with Tavi for a paddle along my local stretch from Llantwit Major to Sully.  I should really get on the water again before I go to Skye seeing as I've not paddled much recently so I decide to join them along with other Steve.   
Neither Steve, Steve or Tavi had paddled this stretch before, I did mention it isn't the greatest for scenery but I think Tavi was keen to fill a gap.
With a brisk force 3-4 wind to our rear we made quick progress along the yellow sandstone cliffs and onward to Wales most southerly point.
Breaksea Point, the most southerly tip of Wales....and Aberthaw power station! Beautiful isn't it.
The cassion/water intake tower conveniently marks the most southerly point on the mainland opposite.
We pass Rhoose, Porthekerry viaduct, the Knap, all photographed many times so I try to keep the pictures to a minimum.  Time for lunch so we land at the first soft landing on route at Barry old harbour.
Back on the water and on to Barry Island...
Everyone seemed to be making the best of the first spell of hot weather (and hopefully no the last) of the year.
Steve rounding Nells Point and the coast water station.
Just over 14 miles see's us landing at Sully.  I'm left enjoying the sun while the two Steve's go get the cars.  I would be rude not to have a quick pint in the Captains Wife beer garden now wouldn't it.   
Not the greatest of sections of coast but nice to meet up again with everyone again and to be on the water finally.


Whilst Steve, Tavi join James and Eurion for a paddle out to the holms on what must be the most perfect day of the year I decide to spend bank holiday with the family seeing as though I'll be going away next week.  After running about in bank holiday traffic, playing footy with the kids, cooking up a BBQ I decide to spend the remainder of the day relaxing with a short 16 mile bike ride to Nash Point lighthouse.

The only time I saw a car was while I briefly past through Llantwit Major town.  Sea views, beautiful countryside, wildlife, fresh air, great weather, what more could you want?   
I put my foot down tonight trying to improve on my slow average pace of 13 mph, so I was very happy with my average pace of 16 mph.

Isle of Skye next weekend.  The forecast isn't brilliant but there are a few force 3-4's in there, which I can't moan about, considering it's usually 9's and 10's when I go up.  The bikes are coming along this time so wither way I should get some good adventures.

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