Sunday, 8 July 2012

Summer Blues

Eurion planned on meeting some friends coming across the Bristol Channel from Weston and joining them as they continued on their journey along our local stretch to Llantwit Major.  A quick look at the forecast and it was obvious it was going to be another long slog into a fierce head wind.  With our trip across the Irish Sea looming I needed to get some paddling hours in as I have been rather lazy lately. 
Myself, Euiron and Taran  sat atop of Sully beach staring out on the horizon looking for looking for signs of movement.  We get word they are just around the corner and out of nowhere four dark shapes appear.  
It wasn't an easy crossing apparently, as you might expect with a strong wind on tide out in the middle of the channel.  Unfortunately for us the wind was forecast to pick up and there was now limited time to reach our destination before the turn of the tide.
Rounding Nells Point, Barry...Eurion was feeling optimistic I think with his short sleeved cag.

On to the Knap and the wind surfers are out in force, some coming very close.  I did wonder how much they were in control of their direction and was anticipating a quick capsize in the event of a collision.
It did look fun though, something I'll have to try one day.

It seems every one was making the most of the wind, apart from us stupid fools paddling into it.
Rhoose Point looms in the distance and our new friends decide to call it quits and camp here for the night.  We on the other hand had set up a shuttle at Llantwit Major so we push on picking up the pace in attempt to beat the tide.
Gileston Beach at low water, at least a mile from the car park.  An uneven long carry through mud, seaweed and boulders yet this nightmare of a carry was more enticing than the prospect of paddling any further into that wind!  I could feel every last bit of my motivation to put blade in front of blade draining away.  I have to be honest I have never wanted to get off the water more.  I can't remember the last time it felt like summer...

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