Friday, 17 February 2012

Me, Myself & The Sea

Feeling frustrated and lack of motivation at work I gave up and loaded the boat up on the van.  A quick scan of the forecast and I made my way down to the Knap, Barry.
There was a strong westerly force 4 blowing across the bay, visibility was poor.  The tide was on neap and about 4 hours into the flood.  It felt slightly warmer today than it has been for a while.
It was very messy out on the water but my confidence was on a high and I was up for a challenge.  I made my way east with the flood with the wind and waves at my back, making an easy 5-6 knots.
Approaching Barry breakwater the size picked up, the waves to the right above are easily a couple of feet above head height.  It made for some great surfing, a few touchy moments however reminded me I was alone today.  
I was aware on the turn of the tide the conditions were likely to pick up (wind on tide).  I landed on Sully Island about half hour before high water.  The forecast over the radio confirmed strengthening winds so I decide to get some some food down me and head back.  
Straight out of the causeway and the strengthening head wind tries to push me back.   No further pictures from here on out, head down and hard paddling all the way.  I needed the fitness anyway.  My predictions proved to be correct, there were some monster waves around the heads.  Nells Point Coast-watch station picks up a max gust of 29 knots (force 6) at 14:14 just as I left Sully.
A final slog and a very carefully timed landing between sets of dumping waves called this trip to an end.  Good to get on the water as this weekend I'll be spending some quality time with the family.


stoney (Martyn) said...

A quick blast to clear the head eh? Very nice.
Both my wrist hurt this week after last weekends slog into the wind. Well outta shape I am!

Taran Tyla said...

B&W (LOL), you've been looking at Will's blog ;D

Stuart said...

The colour pictures don't look much different, grey skys, brown seas, really drab day. Not much to photo either.