Saturday, 7 January 2012

Night Paddling

The sun sets on a beautiful sunny day and me and Taran take to the water at Sully.  A little apprehensive about tonight's paddle but a paddle in the dark is something I've been meaning to do for a long while.  I've been out on Cardiff Bay in the dark and ended or begun a few trips in the twilight.  
Leaving Sully causeway we paddle out to Lavernock Outfall Buoy blinking in the distance.  There was a bit of swell running through and it was a strange feeling manoeuvring in the dark.
We then head on to the lights along the shore to Penarth.
It seemed to take forever to reach Penarth, however we must have been making great progress surfing in the dark.  Surfing in the dark was great, it felt like we were flying along on the backs of the waves offshore.
Finally the lights come closer and we paddle under the pier.  The orange glow of Cardiff helped light the way in a moonless sky.  I couldn't help peering back to the dark shadows of Lavernock Point wondering what surprises lurk in the dark for us later.  We land just beyond the pier for a break before venturing back, deeper in to the dark.
Approaching Lavernock Point, notorious for kicking up a storm, the darkness denies us the judgement of the   conditions.  The sounds of running tides is amplified and dark shapes start to appear.  Thankfully we passed over with little more than a few small waves and a bit of chop.  It then a straight forward paddle on to Sully, where Taran has a play on the causeway.  A very successful and enjoyable first night paddle out on the ocean waves.  

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