Thursday, 1 September 2011

Petrel Build #7 - Finishing the Hull

Half way there! I have finally finished stripping the hull.  I've been putting in a little time at the end of each working day, usually getting at least two strips in.  It's finally paid off with some progress.

 I finished my last boat build post just after I had stripped past the chine (sharp angle).  After that progress was very quick, I think I have now perfected the technique.  I added the keel strips leaving two moon shaped gaps on either side, then filled in the rest.  The last strips were a bit difficult and I think a bit of wood flour and glue filling will be needed.  I sawed off the ends and planed them down, they will eventually be capped off with a stem piece.  The ends can probably be planed back about another inch, almost to where the internal stem piece is, so you can ignore that chip in the bow.
I have a few slightly darker strips so I tried to be a little creative.  Once it is planned, sanded, glassed and varnished the contrast will probably stand out a little more.  Either way I not entirelly bothered, who's gonna see the bottom.  I stood back and looked on at my achievement and had the urge to pick it up, sling it on my shoulder and go for a paddle.  Not quite ready yet!

I spent a few hours pulling out the endless amount of staples, I'm gonna try not to use so many in the deck.  I then flipped it over an rested it on the floor while I fastened some old carpet to the supports to act like a sling while I work on the deck.

Today I went back with a hammer to gently knock the forms free to remove the strong back.  I didn't have the camera on me but it looked great, like an open canoe.  I placed the stongback back in and put a few staples back in to keep it from warping.  Now work begins on the deck...


Taran Tyla said...

Looking Good.
Just fitted the coaming to my Nordkapp so I'll do a blog post too in a day or so.

Hopefully we"ll both have cool kayaks to play in ;D

Dr Blug said...

Excellent progress, can't wait to see the rest of the build

wheel specialist said...

Awesome work. keep it up.
Alloy Wheel Repair

Stuart said...

Unfortunately this was two years ago and not much has changed since, finding it hard to get motivated to finish it off.