Saturday, 29 January 2011

A Walk with a Difference

I ditched the dog (sorry Charlie) for the boat tonight when I took my normal stroll along the beach at Aberthaw.  It was spot on high water with an icy wind blowing in from the north. 
 With the sun hidden in the cloud it was dark and cold.  It tried it's best to break through the thick clouds that looked like they promised rain.
 I made my way out toward the water intake tower connected to the power station.
It became obvious I wasn't going to get close to the tower with the ebbing tide already curling around the lonely structure. 
I turned my boat into the flow and the view instantly changed, the sea blue and cliffs of the Glamorgan coastline glowing in the dying sunlight.
Within no time I was at the foot of the cliffs at the far end of Aberthaw.  Taking bearings off the shoreline I seemed to be moving at some pace.  I started to wounder if I would get back against the tide.
The gentle conditions allowed me to creep along feet from the shore.  The sun won its battle at last instantly warming my face and hands. I watched as waiding birds scoured the beach in search of a last minute meal before the sun died away.
I carried on back across the bay into a small sheltered lagoon which eventually gets cut off from the tide as it goes out. 
This is the new £1 million ACE2 education center at the power station.  I've been waiting for them to finish it before taking a picture, it looked promising like it would resemble the sail of a boat or something.  Apparently though it is finished and officially open, I don't get modern architecture!
 I couldn't wait around much longer for the sun to fade off so I landed and packed up for home.
Like I said not really a trip but more of a stroll down the beach with a difference.


stoney (Martyn) said...

You really make me envious you do!
Oh how I wish I was near the sea.

Stuart said...

If it's any consolation I'm board sick of my local stretch of water need to get out west soon and do some proper trips. You got any plans to get out anytime?

stoney (Martyn) said...

Was hoping to get to Angelsety this weekend, but looking like its going to be windy?
Will keep checking, and maybe go for it!