Sunday, 14 November 2010

Light at the End of the Tunnel

Another late afternoon paddle, trying to make the most of what light remained. The reflections were great for taking photo's.

I did a lap around the bay before heading back up the River Taff. I kept myself entertained listening to my VHF, there was a boat on the other side of the barrage in need of assistance from the lifeboat.

Under the bride near the Millennium Stadium there was a flashing glow at the other end.

I reached the stadium and turned back.

Reaching the slipway it was now pitch black. The link road bridge was now lit up like a runway. Another relaxing paddle on the water to get me away from the commotions of life.


deenno22 said...

Hi Stuart,
Was that the Channel View Centre
slipway and did you have to pay ?

Derek (deenno22)

Stuart said...

I went off the slipway oposite the sports center on Jim Driscoll Road. I didn't know you had to pay, I wouldn't anyway. I sometimes launch on the Ely side off Dunleavy Drive but you have to go off the rivers edge. Another option is behind Up&Under off the rivers edge again next to the slipway. If all else fails launch from Penarth near high water and haul it over the barrage!