Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Sully to Penarth 25/07/08

Myself and Ian went for an afternoon paddle launching from the pebbled beach next to the Captains Wife at Sully. We made our way toward Penarth on the last of the flood tide. Conditions were a bit lumpy around Ball Rock Bay and Lavernock Point as expected.

Looking on to Flat Holm
Forecast came through on the radio force 3/4 possible 5 which could be seen further out to sea toward the two holm islands. Around to the other side of the points though the sea was perfect with a gentle swell.

Approaching Penarth we passed some idiots throwing stones at us. You would think being out here on the water you could get away from them.

We land on the jeti opposite the RLNI station for a quick break before taking the ebbing tide back. I check my GPS and it reads the fastest speed at 24kts! Then when I get home another record is set at 30.2kts!! The only thing I can think of is, it's either when I was paddling with a following tide and sped up for a split second on the back of a wave or my GPS is buggered. It's been pretty accurate until now.

Heading around Ball Bay we headed once again into the overfalls which was much more fun than having them wash up over your back. Into Sully sound I was surprised how little (if any) current there was. I thought the tide would rush through here, especially on a big tide.

We landed on Sully Island before having a race back over the sound to the cars.

Whilst packing up the cars the sun was fading leaving a stunning view over the channel toward Flat and Steep Holm. The moon came up just as we were leaving glowing really big just above the horizon. Annoyingly since I got my camera soaked in Fishguard I'm left with giant smudges on every picture. I've done my best to remove them in these. An excuse to buy a new waterproof one I think.

A 6.29nm trip and a top speed of 30.2kts, I wish! I could outrun most boats at that rate!

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