Monday, 10 May 2010

Glam Boaters in West Wales - Day 1 08/05/10

I had a call Thursday afternoon from Andrew at Glam Boaters
to say they were heading across to West Wales Friday for the
weekend. So I headed down early Saturday morning with the
view of coming home in the evening to go to a birthday party
that night. A quick look at the tide times and forecast suggested
it was going to be a windy weekend, force 4 or 5 possible 6 or 7
with gales.

Not long after I arrived at the camp site at Newgale Sands
near St Davids we were heading down to St Brides Haven
where I camped a few weeks ago. The plan was to take a
short trip out to Stack Rocks and back along the cliffs.

The group consisted mainly of river boats which struggled
to make much headway into the wind. Some of the group had
never been at sea before and it wasn't long before people were
in the water swimming.

As I was helping a member of the group while others were
performing rescues on a few that had ended up in the water
I was caught out by a wave that hit me side on. It was one of
them moments where your to far gone and think bugger it,
and I rolled into the water. Whilst underwater I was more
concerned about loosing my hat than rolling. I made one
attempt and failed, second attempt my knees popped my
spray deck off and I was also swimming with the fishes! After
that turn of events we turned back to the shelter of the bay.

Exploring a cave and rock hopping near St Brides.

Wet and cold and my tail between my legs in shame of capsizing
we headed back to camp. Not happy with the lack of miles under
my boat today I decided to stay the night. I had brought my sleeping
bag in case but nothing else, no change of clothes or food for the next day.
Luckily my van doubles as a sauna with the heating on full blast to dry
my sopping wet gear.

That afternoon the group headed over to St Non's Bay for
a bit coast steering. I headed on to Porth Clais to launch and
follow the group to take some pictures. The boy levitating above
is only 12 yrs old and was his first time. To be fair he did really
well considering the water was absolutely freezing!

Hopeless, they never would have got a part in the film Titanic!
"save me Jack!!"

Whilst they were throwing themselves off cliffs I paddled across
Caerfai Bay where there is an impressive cave and natural arch.

Porth Clais. The water floods through this natural harbour at
high water which is convenient, but a long walk at low tide.

Back at camp later that evening for some charcoal food poisoning.

After cremating the sausages and burgers we decided to cook

Stuart's at the point of the night where he has had enough
to drink to juggle hot coals!
And Nicks at the point where it's time for bed!
Hopefully the weather will be a bit better tomorrow with
the idea of paddling to Ramsey looming.
On a separate note Glam Boaters is featured in this months
Canoe & Kayak magazine with a good write up about the club.
I even managed to get a picture in there. When I get a copy I'll
try to upload it in a post.


stoney (Martyn) said...

Ha! Nice one, joined the West Wales swimming club then??
Glad you enjoyed yourself though!

Stuart said...

Yes but I might be beating you there, I went for a swim on the Sunday as well, twice in one weekend!! I also lost my hat. Oh and my boots, drink bottle and a foam mat in the Bitches.

stoney (Martyn) said...

Now that will take some beating!
I have fell in in the bitches in the past, its always a challenge gathering all the bits up!
I note you landed at Porth Clais at low water aswell, bet you don't do that again! Legs still hurting?

Stuart said...

At the time I couldn't care if I lost everything, just as long as I had my boat and paddle.
No I landed around high tide. On the Sunday we launched at low tide, my shoulders were aching before we got on the water. Good weekend though, some good experiences.