Friday, 22 January 2010

Great British weather!!!

Once again I was all packed up with the promise of a force
2, light NE wind and good visibility and I was met with this!

Visibility was terrible and there was a hefty dumping swell.
I could see 5 sets of 1.5-2m steep waves before they disappeared
into the mist. Desperate but not that desperate.
My youngest son Zakk laughing at the crashing waves.
The wife was off to Cardiff Bay to do some shopping so I
thought I might as well go down the bay (again!) seeing as
I had the boat all packed up.
And I Finally got to play with my new toy.
I took the following photo's a few weeks ago when we had
the big freeze. Me and the dog went for a walk along the
coastal path from Llantwit to Nash Point light house.
I was gutted when I saw how peaceful the sea was.
Icicles on the cliffs near St Donnats castle.
One of the caves between Llantwit and St Donnats which I was
hoping to paddle in today.
Looking East toward Llantwit and Aberthaw with the cooling
tank just visible

Nash Point light house


Richard said...

Hi Stuart
Glad to see you managed to make it onto the water.Do you paddle on your own on the Bay and where do you launch from? Whenever I have enquired about paddling there I have been told there has to be two.
All the best

Stuart Wales said...

Hi Richard
Yes I managed a short trip today from Cardiff to Barry, didn't take a camera though. Yes on my own, Iv'e passed the patrol boats and they've never said anything. I usualy either launch from the slip way on Jim Driscoll Way oposite Cardiff Canoe Club or on the river ely under the link road bridge on Dunleavy Drive, there's a locked gate there but I just hop over. All the best.